The Big-3 Rail Systems Summit 2023

The Big3 Rail Systems Summit is organized as part of the 2nd Rail Industry Show Railway Industry, Infrastructure and Technologies Fair, which will be held at Eskişehir - ETO Fair and Congress Center on September 19-21, 2023.

During the summit, 3 important issues in the Turkish and Global rail systems markets will develop and will be discussed under the roof of growth and sustainability for 3 days.
In this summit, where we will shape the future of rail systems, we will come together to explore and evaluate new perspectives for a sustainable world and strong collaborations, which will provide information sharing with the speeches of industry leaders from the government bodies, market professionals, private and academic circles.

The Big3 Rail Systems Summit; It will be an exciting platform that aims to grow together and build the future by opening the doors of different possibilities in the sector with the panels, discussions and speeches to be held.


1st Day

Investing in the Future

Impact Investment and Sustainability Financing Models in Rail Systems Infrastructure Projects

With the panels and speeches to be held, we bring together institutional investors who can meet the financing needs of the conventional and light rail systems sector with project owners, sector leaders, fund managers, local and foreign government representatives, local governments, and strategists. This year, we will evaluate the social and environmental potential of the projects in the rail systems sector of impact investment and sustainability financing in the field of financing. We will consider the contribution of finance to sustainability, not only focusing on financial returns, but also triggering positive changes for society and the environment. In the sessions where our participants will discuss how impact investment and sustainability financing will draw a roadmap for rail system projects, in this sense, the transformation of financial changes into social and environmental benefits in the future, how the finance world will create a change in rail systems with these financing models and how to build a sustainable future together. We'll talk about.

2nd Day

Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies

In this exciting episode, we will explore the transformation created by artificial intelligence and new technologies in rail systems. We will witness the future of rail systems in which faults are detected in advance with artificial intelligence-supported sensors and data analytics, autonomous vehicle technologies are used, personalized services are provided in the passenger experience, and cyber security measures are reinforced with artificial intelligence for efficient environmentally friendly vehicles that produce their own energy. These impressive technologies and innovations contribute to the rail systems to serve in a more efficient, safe and user-oriented manner, bringing a new era in freight and public transportation. In this episode, where we will explore the transformation of artificial intelligence in rail systems together, we will get to know the technological developments that shed light on the future and evaluate the new possibilities in the sector together."

3rd Day

Connecting Nations, Uniting People

On the third day, with the theme of cooperation, we will discuss how rail systems can play a unifying role in international connections and cooperation with other sectors. We will come together with speakers from different sectors who can cooperate. We will explore how working with various industries can create a unity of power. We will talk about the impact of rail systems in connecting people and businesses, not just locally, but around the world. We will enable the exhibitor companies to share their solutions, products and services for rail systems with the industry. Rail systems work is the driving force that brings people and communities together, and we will develop methods to use this power effectively. We will present the visions of our key speakers about the sustainability of our world