Stand Design

Participants can either have a custom stand design according to their preferences or choose to participate with a standard (Maxima type) stand.

The content and sample visuals of the standard stand are as follows:

Side walls, fascia board, 220 V electrical outlet, 1 table, 4 chairs (2 tables, 8 chairs per 20 m²), 1 m² lockable room,

1 glass product display cabinet, 1 reception counter, 1 trash bin, 1 brochure stand, 100 W spot lighting for every 4 m²,

general security** and cleaning* services.

*Cleaning: General fair area cleaning is included in the price, while the cleaning inside the stand will be carried out by the participating company.

**Security: General fair security is included in the price, while the stand security will be provided by the participating company.