Rail Industry Show

Why Railway Industry Show?

No doubt that exhibitions are gateways to markets where one can find the right contacts to establish business deals. RAIL INDUSTRY SHOW is the perfect platform where you will meet high level decision makers both from governmental bodies and private sector of Turkey and the region.
Why Railway Industry Show?

Why Exhibit?

In the last decade Turkey had a breakthrough developing its transportation network and infrastructure. Among them railway network took a special attention. Turkey has many ongoing projects in this field and many more and larger scale projects are on the way.
Why Exhibit?

Why Eskişehir?

Eskişehir has a key importance for Turkish rail sector. It can be considered as the hub for rail sector in Turkey. In the first place, the very existence of Tulomsas in Eskişehir is the indicator of the importance and strategic value given by the governmental authorities. Alongside Tulomsas facilities, many private sector companies and their associations are located in Eskişehir.
Why Eskişehir?
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