In the last decade Turkey had a breakthrough developing its transportation network and infrastructure. Among them railway network took a special attention. Turkey has many ongoing projects in this field and many more and larger scale projects are on the way. Such as:

• Until 2023 increasing the share of rail passenger transport to %10 which means almost ten fold growth; and the freight tansport to 15% which is around 3 times more than existing share.
• New investments at the amount of over 45 Billion USD until 2023 including the construction of 3.500 km high speed rail, 8.500 km speed rail and 1.000 km of conventional railways.
• Modernisation of at least 500 km of railways each year.
• Construction of 40 junction lines to industry areas, logistic centres and ports.
• Liberalisation of the railway sector.
• Extension of railroad network to 31.000 km by constructing 6.000 km additional speed railway between 2023-2035.

RAIL INDUSTRY SHOW is the most professional international trade exhibition in Turkey organized by a specialized and experienced staff with the official support of Metropolitan Municipalities and Government Bodies as well as Governorship of Eskisehir, Eskisehir Chamber of Commerce, Eskisehir Chamber of Industry, Ankara Chamber of Industry and Rail Systems Cluster (RSC), Railway Transport Association (DTD) and Railway Transportation Systems and Industrialists Association (RAYDER).
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