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Neden Eskişehir?

Due to its suitable location and the transport networks the city Eskişehir can be reached very fast and comfortably from all major industrialized cities.

Eskişehir has a key importance for Turkish rail sector. It can be considered as the hub for rail sector in Turkey. In the first place, the very existence of Tulomsas in Eskişehir is the indicator of the importance and strategic value given by the governmental authorities. Alongside Tulomsas facilities, many private sector companies and their associations are located in Eskişehir.

Eskişehir is one of the most beatiful and modern cities in Turkey with high education and living standarts. Each year it attracts more visitors and due to high satisfaction levels the city has the highest rate of repeated visits.
Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce with the support of governmental authorities and municipality has recently built a new and modern exhibition venue being aware of the importance of trade exhibitions in the development of trade and the city in general. Within the scope of this vision Rail Industry Show has become the most supported and promising exhibition.